This is the Start of Something New

Do you ever get so passionate about something that you had to write it all out? It’s therapeutic. This blog is for my passions. This could be lifestyle, book reviews, book hauls, character destruction, book to movie adaptations comparison, movie reviews, etc. Really anything.

One thing that I haven’t shared publicly is my disability. I have a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia.

>>I’m the realness with an illness. I walk with a cane in hand, don’t make me become Dirtyhands. << [5 points for whoever gets that reference]

I’m a young 25 year old woman who feels and acts like a 97 year old. I spend most of my time at home, in bed with my electric heating pad. I can barely work 13 hours a week. Not only will I feature my different treatments, things I’m struggling with, and things I’m excelling at. But I will talk about books, books, movies, and more books.

With so much time, I read. And boy, do I love reading. I’ll probably be posting mostly about books. Oh, and movies.

This blog is going to be whatever I want it to be. I’ll pretty much only be working on my posts Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I’m hoping to post every week.

Now, I am open to feedback and helpful suggestions. But I have no room for criticism, judgment or hate. This is a place of love.

Write to you soon, gentle friends.

My Regards,

Sarah Brown

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