Today released the cover for DarkDawn. The third and final instalment for Jay Kristoff’s Nevernight Chronicles series. AND GUYS I’M SO EXCITED!!! I loved both Nevernight and Godsgrave so much that I’m definitely re-reading them both to prepare me for the third book (get ready for full reviews on both ^.^). This series has meant so much to me since first read.

The main character Mia is a motherf*ing badass and trained assassin. If I ever find myself in a fight for some strange reason, and it’ll have to be strange since I barely leave the house like your everyday book nerd, I would want Mia on my team. The writing style, the story, everything draws me in and suffocates me with amazingness. If you haven’t heard of this series, consider yourself recommended it by me. If you have read this series please tell me your thoughts. I would love some more people to talk to about these books. I’ve desperately attempted (and not yet successful) in making my boyfriend read Nevernight. It’ll happen one day!

Back to the new cover, I have so many questions! Why is there a snake in her shadow?!? Is that really bones from a rib cage surrounding her?!? What could those mean?!? Her dress is awe-inspiring, the sword and head piece are breath-taking. Jason Chan is so talented it blows me away. I’m feeling inspired, you guys! I just want to draw and re-read and consume myself with everything Nevernight.

And now the cover…..



Don’t forget to visit for the full post, and please support the author!

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