Is Fibro Curable?

Last night I attended a Fibromyalgia support group. I’m been a few times, and it’s been a great resource in finding other avenues to reduce pain. Because of the support group I’ve tried CBD oil, which has been a life saver. Literally, I feel the CBD oil saved me. Saved me in the sense I’m getting a little bit of a social life back. I still lay in bed on my heating pad for most of the day, but I feel I can do more than before. My back pain started to lessen one day for just a couple of hours and I cried from relief.

Last night, there was this speaker saying he could ‘cure’ Fibromyalgia. Now that I have had time to process my evening there, I’m throwing major doubts on his claims. He’s a doctor named Dr. G. Grant that apparently is well known for his work with Fibromyalgia. But he kept saying if you do these exercises three or five times a day you’ll be cured. But what if I stop doing these exercises, does the pain come back? He never said do them for 6 months or something, but just to do these everyday. Wouldn’t that mean that you’re managing the fibro not curing it..? I’m still very interested in trying some suggestions he gave because I got to the point where I’m willing to try almost everything. However, this ‘curing’ part is leaving me feeling like he’s trying to get me to drink the Kool-aid. If you’re interested in checking out his website and read more about him, here’s the link.

I’m definitely going to do more reading on this doctor myself, but for today I’m going swimming for the first time in forever. My Physiotherapist gracefully offered to take me to the pool after I expressed interest and teach me what I should be doing while exercising in the pool. She has been a great help and one of the only people that first believed there was more to my pain, that it wasn’t an injury or all in my head. I’ll probably not want to move after, but hopefully after a few visits I’ll start feeling better.

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