Six and Crows and Disability

fullsizeoutput_2b3So this post has been in the making for a while and one of the reasons why I was excited about starting a blog. I’m talking about two massive aspects of my life; books and disability, or more specifically disability in books. This will definitely be a series on my blog with recommendations, reviews, etc.

To put it shortly, there’s not much in way of representation of disability, but hopefully that will change now readers are expecting diversity and buying more diverse books. For example, Youtubers on BookTube are hauling books with diverse casts, publishing videos with LGBTQIA+ being the focussing books, books written by women, female leads, etc. Click here for an example of a video focusing on LGBTQIA+ releases of 2018.

Recently, I read the Six of Crows duology and to be honest, I didn’t like Kaz Brekker. He was one of the main characters and he walked with a cane from an old injury. I was so interested in him for the fact that he walked with a cane, like me, but I hated him as a person. Well, at first I hated him. His cruelty rubbed me the wrong way despite the fact that I knew his back story and why he was the way he was. Because of the beautiful writing by Leigh Bardugo, I grew to like him and better relate to him. Especially as I got to see a softer side of him throughout both books.

I chose to talk about this book first because I loved it first off, the character walked with a cane, and so does the author. I felt Kaz came from a genuine place of understanding. I loved how Bardugo created a character strong enough to survive what Kaz did, be feared by many, and with a disability. He was a badass who wasn’t thought of as weak, but strong, powerful. A good metaphor was his actual walking stick. Kaz had one especially made so he could use it as a weapon. He turned his weakness into a strength. He was a broken boy, done wronged by the world around him, which he used to build walls  around himself and used as a  source of anger to move through his career has a gang member.

Kaz Brekker is an intense, badass who can be cruel when Dirtyhands came out. I appreciate him as representation of disability. Come back for more about books and disability. A book that will be in a future post…


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