March Wrap Up!

GUYS! I actually read enough in a month to make a whole post for it! I know, shocking! Haha.. No, this year I’ve been pretty good each month for reading about 5 or 6 books. This month was no exception with 5 books! Now, I did cheap a little and counted books I started well before March, but they were finished in March so I won’t tell if you don’t.

The pictures are from my instagram account, which is here.

First off the bat:

Daughter of the Siren Queen 5/5 

I really enjoyed this book! This is the sequel to Daughter of the Pirate King. It wasn’t a master-piece but it was a whole lot of fun. There was so many improvements from the author compared to the first book in writing, plot line, and character growth. I couldn’t help but love the main character, Alosa. It was great reading about female, badass pirates. There was so much action, I could barely keep up. So much fun. Goodreads: here.



Love, Hate and Other Filters 5/5

Another great book! This is beautiful own-voices coming-of-age book where an Indian-American Muslim deals with Islamophobia while trying to be the perfect daughter and pursue her dreams in film. This book surprised me in the best way possible. I try to go into books knowing nothing, and this one was no exception. I was hooked by the film aspect because of my love of movies. There was also hype around the book when it was first released, but I haven’t heard anything about the book since. More people need to read this book. Please do if you haven’t yet. Goodreads: here.


Third book:

A Court of Thorns and Roses 3/5 

I have no shame saying that this book was just okay. I say that because everyone keeps tell me that it’s not as good as the second one. ACOTAR is about a human being taken to the faerie land while romance and violence ensues. Unfortunately for you, I’m not saying anything more about the plot. Furthermore, I did enjoy the book, and there was times where I couldn’t put the book down. But there were a few things that happened I didn’t like; I hear that they are explained in the second book. I don’t know if I would be okay with happened even if they’re explained in the next book. Still looking forward to reading the next book. Goodreads: here.


Second to last, or fourth book:

Pride and Prejudice 4/5 

This was a re-read for me, and I decided to read it as an audiobook. I’m starting to really get the hand of audiobooks, I say that like it was terribly hard. Haha, no, just different! (I don’t need to say what this one is about, right?) I loved it, but of course. Every time I read or watch any adaptation I get something new out of it. This is why it’s one of my all time favourite reads. This time I listened for Austen’s commentary on gender, and the female role, especially criticism of society in the Victorian Age. For example, the focus on marriage and how a woman is measured by her marriage and her husband.  Goodreads: here.


And, finally:

American Queen 4/5 

Now this is a smutty book and a good one too. Greer Galloway is a young 20-something who starts seeing the President of the US. From there the book gets dirty. I have fun reading smutty books, but they’re not usually the best quality, this one was pretty good, better than a 3/5 that I usually give. The book managed to even shock me at times from plot twists. I think I might pick up the sequel. Goodreads: here.


Well, That’s it for me! If you made it through the post then you deserve a gold star. Look at me doing this whole blogging thing. Haha.



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