Why I Mark Up My Book

One thing that I have learned over the course of a year or so is the importance of marking up my books. I do admit that I harm my beautiful babies with post-its and pen. Yes, actual ink to my books. It first started with tabbing my favourite quotes, scenes, first kiss, etc. But I have to really be enjoying the book to want to go through the effect of getting tabs and bringing them along with me wherever I take the book.

I think the first book I tabbed was Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens. I was surrounded by these wonderful scenes, or even just thoughts by Simon and I couldn’t help but put a giant, stupid star post-it on the page. Since I chose to tab the book a little last minute I just used what was on hand at the time. Becky Albertalli Has this amazing gift of making you laugh and cry on the same page, I had to add a tab.


I, then, started writing and tabbing my books, but again, not all or it would take longer to read. I also don’t want to spend more of my time on a book that I don’t love. My first book to write in was Voyager, the third book in the Outlander series. My comments in the marines were scarce as I was getting the hand of it, which was usually around Jamie and something he said or done. If you have read the book you’ll know what I mean..

I find it to be a therapeutic experience. I get more out of the book, and I like that I can look back and get a glimpse at my first reactions. For example, the last book I marked with a pen was A Darker Shade of Magic and it was my second attempt at finishing the book. While I wrote in the book, I was able to dissect the text better and create a better understanding of the general plot.


An article I’ve read recently by Mortimer J. Alder where he enthusiastically explains why we should write in our books. He states that if you own books that are untouched, unread books then you are collecting wood-pulp and glue. Alder goes on to say, he doesn’t mean fluff pieces that are more of a mindless read, but the books that make you think, books that you love, books that make you question everything, where you question and argue with the author. Those are the type of books you should be writing in. My favourite quote by him when you do mark up your book, ” You can pick up the book the following week or year, and there are all your points of agreement, disagreement, doubt, and Inquiry. It’s like resuming an interrupted conversation with the advantage of being able to pick up where you left off.” He describes it has a conversation between you and the author.

If you don’t mark up your books, I hope that you try it. Either way HAPPY READING!

Sarah ❤

My Bookstagam account: https://www.instagram.com/sarahlillianbooks/

Article Mentioned: http://www.maebrussell.com/Articles%20and%20Notes/How%20To%20Mark%20A%20Book.html

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