Batman: Nightwalker: Review


Batman: Nightwalker is the second book as part of a series of DC characters in their youth, each written by different YA authors. The first book was Wonder Woman by Leigh Bardugo (Goodreads: here.) Which I think was more successful in writing a book of Wonder Woman as a teenager. I enjoyed that one much more. Unfortunately, Marie Lu was a bit of a disappointment with Batman: Nightwalker (Goodreads: here.). This was my first book by her too and now I’m second guessing if I should to continue to read anymore of her work. Comment below if you’ve read her other work that I should try.

My Rating: 2 Stars 

Thank god that this was a short read because it was one I did not want to drag out any longer. I felt no connection with Bruce Wayne, a youth athletic, rich, white boy who got a slap on the wrist for a major crime. The plot was predictable and sometimes painful to read through, like we get it can we get to an interesting part? I was a little intrigued by Madeleine on her own as a character, but anything cool was muddled by the predictability of  her actions. I felt Bruce’s motives to speak with her were only plot driven at times, and created an insta-love between the two of them that didn’t grab me.

The only saving grace was the technology. I had a lot of fun reading about futuristic tech being in a car, robots, or computers, that was really cool.

I was frustrated for half of the book because of the logic behind Bruce being even a potential target was not aligned with the motives of previous targets. Why would he be danger unless he decided to put himself in harms way to save others?

I kept hoping to get more out of Alfred because I remember him being more of a badass in the cartoon show. I know that was farther along in Bruce’s life but still! He was so smart and more than just a caregiver.

The book left me feeling disappointed and wanting more action. It could have been better…


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