My three Favourite Things That Make My Fibro Life Easier

So it’s been a hot minute since my last Fibromyalgia post and I think it’s over due. This one in particular has been on my mind for a few weeks now. My three favourites things that make my life a little more bearable.

A couple of honourable mentions would be baths with Epsom salt and my bed. Baths are a honourable mention because I can’t take them very often and even if I could they don’t ease the pain as much as I would like. My bed is here too because I’ve had this before fibro and it just so happens is the only place I’m the most comfortable.

Number 1:

My electric heating pad is so great. It would be perfection if the timer for the automatic shut off was a little longer and the pad itself was a little wider and longer. This was purchased on a whim at Shoppers Drug Mart, which is a Canadian only store. Sometimes it feels like it’s not big enough and I have to move it around a lot. In the near future I’ll probably order a bigger one online, so if you have any recommendations just let me know!

Number 2: 

My disability parking permit. This thing is amazing. I can park close to the doors 99% of the time (unless they’re full or just not near where I need to be), especially at my work where I work at a mall. I do get some looks because I’m a young person who should be healthy using the disability parking spots. It’s wonderful to park close like that.

Number 3:

The inspiration for this post is saved for last. Actually it’s a combo of two things and they’re life savers. My new Matt & Nat backpack (Shop) and my two foldable cane (shop). I had a Roots backpack/purse thing before and it was mainly to be able to carry a book (this is before I needed a cane and my diagnosis). Or a gym bag, I used a lot, but it threw off my balance, which was annoying. I need a bag that fit on both shoulders for when I was using my cane. When I started using a cane in January, I was using one of my dad’s that he wasn’t using, it was clunky and ugly. Some awesome people offered to decorate it, but it didn’t seem right when it wasn’t mine, you know? I decided to order a new bag and a new cane (which turn into two canes, but of course, it did). It took me January until mid March to finally find a bag I really liked that was going to last and be worth my money. But same with my canes, I couldn’t decide on a handle, or design, and once I did find one I liked, they don’t ship to Canada.

Anyway, now that  have both I feel so much more comfortable to go out and do stuff. When I’m having a good start to my day I can keep my cane in my bag, all folded up, and once I start to feel more pain, enough that I need my cane, it’s right there.

I absolutely love these. I’m still looking for comfortable clothes, which is apparently a task and a half, haha. If you have any recommendations please leave me a comment!

Look forward to a new book review tomorrow!


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