Fibro and Having a Career

How do you have a career when you have fibromyalgia? I’m still trying to figure that out… Should I forget about my dreams and work at home in mobile customer service? That will not be my first choice, that’s for sure.

I can barely get by at my job now, I’m part-time and on modified duties. My job is a lot of standing and I’m allowed to sit if I need to, but no matter what the five hour shift is always too long. I watch the clock constantly until I can go home.

Having a Bookstagram account and a blog has helped me to have a creative outlet for when I have the energy to do it. Sometimes I do push myself to post something to help me feel better mentally even if it’s not the greatest content.

IMG_1266I’ve always wanted to be on a production crew for film or TV. I love working the camera, but I also love editing, lighting, set design, script writing, etc. I love it all. I had a wonderful job at my university for a few years (2013-2016) doing video production in a wide range of genres, for example, originals, informative/instructional, and lifestyle. It was a kind of job where you had to find your own work, it just needed to be of student interest. Since I no longer can carry any amount of weight and have troubles holding things I was thinking of getting into editing in a major way. My production job at my school had an editing bay with iMacs, which was also the office. I’ve edited a lot videos, most of them now considered low quality and out of date. What’s the best way to get editing experience without something to edit? Because of content not being available for video editing I’ve been focusing on photo editing, another passion since high school.

I’ve gotten a new computer to build my skills on, and I use a teaching website to learn new things. Will I be happy doing that? Would I even be able to handle doing that? Am I going to be an dependant for the rest of my life? As a 25 year old that lives at home, how will I ever support myself?

As you can see, this has been on my mind since my diagnosis. I still don’t know the answers. I just started looking online for job opportunities. I just got to let the chips fall where they may.


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