Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Book Review

I finally did it! I finished the Harry Potter series!! I started reading the first book two years ago and I finally finished the last book! It’s definitely different to read the series as an adult for many reasons, for example, I find I’m more critical than if I read the series as a child. Anyway, at the end of my review I’ll have a mini series review and share which book I like the most.


My rating: 5 stars 

The one thing that I really appreciated with this book specifically was the world. Going into this book there was a gap from the last book and from when I watched the first movie (which I watched right after finishing the first book two years ago). I think because of that gap I appreciated the magical world so much more. So much so that I downloaded and started playing the new game on my phone and watched the second movie (review was posted yesterday!). I liked this book broke away from the other books’ format and different with Harry, Hermione and Ron on the run.

Speaking of our magical trio, I love their friendship throughout the series, but I especially liked their dynamic in this book. I enjoyed their struggle to figure out where to go next, let alone figure out what they were after. Something that I missed in book 4 was Harry figuring things out for himself. What I mean is I felt in book 4 Harry seemed to no mind of his own, all the side characters, even Moaning Myrtle coached him through parts of the triwizard tournament (I know he was younger than everyone else in the tournament, but he’s still a smart kid, at least he was in the other books). Of course, Harry had so much help through The Deathly Hallows too, but he still figured out some things on his own.


Oh my God, I felt every lost in this book. I knew a few because the series has been out for a while and most readers have read the series, but I still cried. I think what upset me the most was Tonks and Lupin, first what a beautiful love story, but now their baby has no parents. The “nineteen years later” bit did make me feel better about little baby Teddy, but man did I cried for them.

As a series as a whole, there was two things that J. K. Rowling was very good at which was making me frustrated when things didn’t go the way it was planned. That was great to show the power of choice for everyone, not just the main characters but side of side characters. Also, tricking the reading to believe they have figured out what was going to happen then plot twists! One of my favourite things was theorizing what was going happen, even think it was so obvious then all of the sudden plot twist! The series is not perfect, but J. K. Rowling has such strong lessons like friendship and loyalty, even feminist in this fun, magical world. I have so much respect for every single person who was involved in making the books, the movies, and theme parks, especially J. K. Rowling for building this universe.


If you didn’t guess from above, my least favourite book is book 4, Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire. Now, my favourite is book 3 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but this one, Deathly Hallows is either tied for first or second place, I haven’t decided yet. Look forward to more Harry Potter related content!


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