Orphan Monster Spy: Book Review

I’m so excited to be finishing my 26th book just before my 26th birthday! I just love when number match, don’t you? A few days ago, I finished Orphan Monster Spy and spoiler for my review: I LOVED it! Like usual fashion, I’m not going to include a synopsis, but I will say I was drawn to the book for the main character’s name is Sarah and that she’s a jewish spy in Nazi Germany. Goodreads


My rating: 4.75 out of 5 stars

I’ve been having some serious cravings for WWII historical fiction and this was a great book to pick up! I’m so glad I read it and I look forward to more WW books like Code Name Verity (Goodreads).

The writing was well done and even cheeky at times, really made me laugh out loud a few times. This may be not a popular opinion but I liked looking up words in German throughout the book even if the translation was supplied in the next sentence. I especially looking up how the words were pronounced, which I think helped me get carried away in the story. Though there were a couple of times lines were repeated, for example, how the author Matt Killeen, described young soldiers who were barely able to fit into their uniforms. However, I loved how Killeen wrote Sarah with intelligence, innocence that was appropriate for her age and how the innocence was affected by terrible moments she has to witness. How her innocence was cracked, but not completely gone. I loved his attention to detail for each character.

Speaking of Sarah, I thought she was a wonderful character; she was so smart and intuitive. I loved reading her inner dialogue, how she used fear as a strength and push her beyond her limits. She was so kind when she wanted to be; she was a defender of those who were in need of help, who were seen as weaker than her. I enjoyed seeing Sarah as a spy, of course, she made bad choices sometimes, but she was a good spy overall especially with the help of Captain Floyd. I appreciated the dynamic between Sarah and Captain Floyd, I guess I’m very cynical and I was very scared of where their relationship will go, but was all friendly.

My heart feels for every character, no one ever really ‘wins’ in Nazi Germany no matter what side they were on. I’m just glad the world managed to extinguish the evil and end the awful, horrible acts.



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