The Poet X: Book Review

This book is my heart and sole of 17 year old me. I came from a religious household, which made high school difficult for me. I struggled with what I wanted and what my parents wanted, and what I was suppose to be as a woman. Xiomara is a wonderful character, a reflection of my younger self and I hope you pick it up if you haven’t (Goodreads).


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My rating: 4.5/5 stars 

This book is told in verse, which is definitely a new experience for me. I quite enjoyed reading in the format of verse; it made the book just fly by. I hope to find more books in this same type, if you have any recommendations, please let me know! Unfortunately, I can’t really critique the verses because it’s not my area of expertise, but I will say they were easy to follow and beautiful.

Xiomara is such a relatable character, especially if you grew up in a religious household. I may not be Dominican, a twin, or a poet for that matter, but I’ve struggled like X in other ways and this book would have meant so much to me in high school. I really enjoyed following her as she struggled to find her voice.

For her mother, I understand that I’m not a mother and don’t know what it’s like. But there must be a better way to govern young women.

Speaking of which I felt this book did a great job in portraying unfair expectations on women. That we should be ashamed of our bodies although we have no control over what our bodies turn into, large breasts or not, tiny waist or not, etc. Are we all suppose to be a nun and happily do the chores, and help with dinner, and be grateful we exist? But we can’t be listened to? Why can’t we make our own choices? My body is own to govern, no one else. I choose to do what what I see fit with my body. If I want to get a tattoo, then I’m going to get a Goddamn tattoo. I will no longer ashamed. Why must young girls/women be taught to shame themselves?

If I have children and have a boy (and happens to be straight), I will teach him consent, how to respect women and their bodies, and I will teach him that it’s okay to cry, to show emotion, and be whoever they are to the fullest. If I have a girl, I will teach her the importance of her voice, of consent, and they have have the right to do as they please (within reason, don’t just go stealing, you know?). I will accept my child/children as they are; if they are part of the LGBTQIA+ community or not, or whoever they are. I hope society changes for the better. Will you be part of that change?

Oh man, did that get too personal? Maybe too feminist? Meh. If you don’t like it, feel free to leave a comment and I can choice to slap back or not. Haha.

If feels good to finish two books in a week again! Now to decide what to read next…


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