Anne of Green Gables: Book Review

A few month ago, I watched the new adaptation on Netflix and I just fell back in love with Anne. I grew up watching Anne the Wonderful TV mini series (1985 imdb), and I also read the first book many years ago (Goodreads). Of course, the book as a classic has it’s faults, but they don’t take away from my dear Anne with an E.


My Rating: 4.5 of out 5 stars

As a hopeless romantic, I guess I’m a woman after Anne’s heart, I was hoping for more romance. I forgot that nothing happens in that depart, at least not in this book. This book was all about friendship and I totally love that too. Diana and Anne make me envious that I don’t have a friend like that now.

L. M. Montgomery loved reading and I think it’s wonderful that she made an avid reader too. I wish I was a reader when I was a kid. Anne was a born storyteller which I imagine Montgomery was too, especially considered she wrote 24 books is 30 years as a women when women authors were not taken seriously. Anne of Green Gables being one of her first works I thought it was interesting how she wrote the book. Repeatedly, she would flash forward to Anne telling someone about something she experienced in her flowery, beautiful storytelling way. I liked that Anne was telling her perspective of what happened, but it was on occasion a little disjointed.

As for Marilla and Matthew, I didn’t always love them. Matthew sometimes felt like a broken recorded saying the same thing over and over. But he could be so gentle and loving other times. When Marilla scolded Anne sometimes I thought she was using religion just because, for example, her telling Anne that it’s so sinful to be so imaginative. It ‘s one thing to say “get your head out of cloud before you burn down the house” versus saying it’s sinful to have an imagination. Thankfully my girl Anne didn’t mind it one bit.

As a redhead myself, i have had a lot of trouble like Anne because of my hair throughout my life, but there’s been other times where people say they like it. I would have loved to see how Anne handled “Kick a Ginger Day”, (thanks South Park for that awfulness), or gingers not having a soul/steal souls; I think that was also because of South Park.

If you’re looking for a easy read and a classic, I would highly recommend Anne of Green Gables. I also recommend all of the adaptations.

Thanks for reading! Forward to more Anne of Green Gables content in the near future! I finally got out of my creative slump that I have been having! Also, I’m posting a May Wrap Up very shortly too!


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