Dress Codes For Small Towns: Book Review

Happy Pride Month, guys! To kick off the month I reading Dress Codes For Small towns by Courtney Stevens. This one is about a group of friends who do everything together. After an important figure in town dies, this hexagon friend group tries to save the Harvest Festival. All the while Billie, our main character, tries to figure out gender, sexuality, and being constantly judged by the town (Goodreads). (kind of a spoilery review, but not really..?)


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My Rating: 3 our of 5 stars

I didn’t like the book as much as I expected. Definitely thinking my expectations were too high for this one, but also I don’t have that small town experience and the reviews I remember that praised the book had that experience. I didn’t connect with the characters very well. I did grow up in a Christian home and did get a lot of judgement, so I can kind of understand that. The one thing that really touched me was Billie thinking why her parents couldn’t say “fall in love with a person”, not “hate the sin and love the sinner”. I grew up with parents thinking the same thing, especially when it came to sexuality. Why can’t we just accept that sexuality is not a choice, but something we are born with; the one choice we have is if we want to label it. Also, if I or anyone else decides to label themselves, it’s everyone’s job to love and accept us. AND if our sexuality happens to change over time, that is okay too.

The hard truth of it is I was kind of bored through half the book, until the part I mentioned above. There were  some other moments that happened that I appreciate, but they were far apart. The writing was just fine for a YA contemporary. I thought the characters were kind of flat; the one character that I was invested in was Davey. I wished for more to happen with him and the Billie. He had an interesting story, and he was supportive of Billie, he always had her best interest at heart, and he was all around a good person. He knew what Billie needed and helped her to grow and realize things things about herself.

Well, on to the next Pride month read!!

As always thanks for reading!


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