Pushing Through, Push Forward

So I haven’t written a fibromyalgia post in a while, and that’s just because I didn’t know what to write. I’ve been struggling mentally and I didn’t want to have a post about me not doing so hot. My struggle has been very personal, in an addition to me coping with my chronic condition. But I can now say I still have bad days here and there, but overall I’m doing better.

A couple of weeks ago, I had one of the worst days of my life. I couldn’t function. All I did and all I could do was lay in bed with something quietly playing to try to distract myself from my body. It blows my mind that I feel like I lived through hell and do it on a regular basis, but people still don’t believe I’m suffering. Here’s a picture from that day.


Don’t mind the closest in the background…

I even have a hard time looking at this picture, thinking about it.

After that day, I had a lot more bad days, but I’m out of the awful mental space this day left me in.

I have finally found my drive again. I started posting more on Instagram and changing the account in a lot of ways for the better.


The change I made was making one small choice to push forward. This one choice could be to take a nap, watch one chapter on Lynda.com, take a picture on Instagram, etc.

I have also started learning on my own again. One thing I have learned from my past is the need to better myself and that process is on going, never stopping. I love that there’s a lot of options out there to continue your education after you graduate. No sponsor, of course, I like to use lynda.com that’s mainly because I started using it years ago for training for a job I had at the job.

This post isn’t because I want attention or pity. It’s for those who suffer too because I know I’m not alone and I know it’s shitty, but that’s okay. I’m here for you if you need a ear or just someone who is outside of your usual circle.

Here’s a link to an article that helped me take up writing on a blog and why I talk about my fibromyalgia.

disclaimer: I’m not a professional, if you in trouble, or suicidal or need help, talk to a professional. Believe me, I talk to someone and it helps.

Next, I’ll talk about Mindfulness and whaat I’m learning about it.


Where to find me:



P.S. I also just got a hair cut. I’ll share some pictures next time!

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