Dread Nation: Book Review

This book done this week and hopefully two more following!! This was a fun buddy read with a friend from instagram (find her here). I really find the zombie universe to be fascinating, and that’s exactly how I would describe this book. Everything I’ve watched or read with zombies were in the present time, for example, The Walking Dead (imDb). You have repeating themes in storylines like danger at every turn, being overrun, always on the run. Again, that’s how I would describe Dread Nation, but set in the late 1880s. I enjoyed the fresh take that being set during that time creates. Goodreads


My rating: 3.75 stars out of 5

I think I’m still a little over the zombie craze, and I think that got in the way of me enjoying the book a little bit. I also think, although this is a great book, there’s a a bit of first book syndrome. I just felt like I wanted a little bit more from the book, overall, and I think the second book can deliver that.

Furthermore, I thought the writing was well delivered for storyline and dialogue. I didn’t love the way the main character kept using “ain’t” endlessly when I know she’s a very intelligent woman. It made sense when she was playing the role of a dumb black woman for the sake of fulfilling the stereotype for usually white men expected of her throughout the book; I loved how she could slip into a role to trick people who underestimate her. I adore intelligent, badass women for main characters like Jane (or side characters, like Katherine, haha). Every time Jane was making a mental note to remember something of importance, it reminded me of storytelling video games where what you decide changes the ending you get.

I do wish we got a little more background from Red Jack, which I’m hoping to get more of in the next book. Him and Katherine were great sides characters that I loved, but just wanted a bit more. Oh, like a battle between the undead and the living and Katherine and Red Jack have to fight with Jane. That would be so intense! I look forward to reading in the next book. Also, I appreciated that Justina Ireland included struggles of indigenous people which was represented by Daniel Redfern.

The action has to be my favourite part, along side Jane as as character. The scene in the theatre was so intense that I couldn’t put the book down. Same could be said about each action scene in the book, so much intensity.

As always, thanks for reading!


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