Aftermath: Book Review

One book done for the Read-EH-thon! I also managed to finish two books on one day, which I haven’t done in a while. This book met the challenges of having red on the cover, having an “E” and “H” in the title, and written by a female Canadian author. Anyway, this is nothing what I thought it was going to be. I definitely should have known better though. Kelley Armstrong was my favourite author in high school and still top 10 for all time. Her The Summoning series was the first time I read anything creepy to the point of nightmares and I won’t be surprised if I nightmares from this read too. I thought Aftermath was about grieving, accepting what happened, and a romance and there was a bit of that, of course. But it also has a big theme on horror. It was really good. The book takes place 3 years after a school shooting where the main character, Skye’s brother was killed; they say he was a shooter. Goodreads


My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Every time I read one of Armstrong’s books with some creep factor, I never now how to feel while reading it with all that spooky intensity, but love the book after. I keep thinking about all the things the main character should do and think they’re stupid when they decide to do something else. What an unexpected ending! Armstrong knows how to write and it’s lovely to see growth in her writing. I love her unique characters and storytelling. She gives the characters’ so much depth.

Jesse’s mom was my favourite. She was so kind and compassionate and so smart. I loved how she was there for Skye, despite what happened. It was interesting to see how Jesse’s brother who died in the shooting and Skye’s brother being seen as part of the shooting effects their grieving and their relationship. Both feeling their lost for their brothers. But how would Skye grieve for someone who is called a monster to her face, or when people say it was partly her fault for not seeing the signs. I felt Skye was so relatable, I really felt like I would be as conflicted as she was.

As Always, thanks for reading!


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