Children of Blood And Bone: Book Review

I did! I finished my first book for the Tome Topple readathon, but also, I finished it in SEVEN days!! Ahh! I’m giving myself a big pat on the back. For both the Read-EH-Thon and Tome Topple, I’m doing much better than I expected. I even had a bit of a road bump when my arms and hands hurt so much I couldn’t hold a book for a day and a half.

ANYWAY, back to the book.. Children of Blood and Bone is a wonderful fantasy with an underlining theme of oppression, not only with the people in the book, but minorities in real life, especially black lives and police brutality. I respect Tome Adeyemi so much for having the strength to write a book that has so much heartache. I highly recommend everyone to pick up this book (Goodreads) and I also suggest to follow Adeyemi on Instagram because she warms my heart on the reg (instagram).

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I feel like I read Adeyemi’s heart and soul in this book. It had some beautiful moments that broke my heart, and moments that warmed it. She can write some amazingly intense scenes where I can barely sit still while I read. The struggle that Zel experiences is so genuinely and so relatable. I was so invested in Zel, Tzain, Amari, and Inan as individuals, each touching my heart. I was starting to get tired of the “chosen one” trope, but I loved it in this. I’m reminded that any trope can be amazing if done right.

The character growth is one of my favourite parts of this book. When Zel is at a lost of what to do, she could turn to people she trusted on how to move forward, and they help each other grow. I thought it was adorable how Zel helped Inan. I thought it was so wonderful for the characters to admit when they were afraid and pushed through it. I treasure the happy points between characters like Inan and Zel, but also in memories with Zel remembers her mom. Oh, the relationship between Tzain and Zel is so honest and hard work. They stayed loyal and strong for each other, even when they couldn’t be strong for themselves.

Please check out this book if you haven’t already! if you have i would to hear you thoughts too!

As always, thanks for reading!


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