Happily by Chauncey Roger: Book Review

I was asked by the author to read his book for an honest review. What made me say yes was the synopsis mostly. I loved the retelling aspect of Cinderella and I was excited to see how a girl could make her foot fit a glass shoe and marry the prince. Goodreads

I kind of took my time to read this because I don’t love reading on my phone. With my fibromyalgia holding my phone can be painful so that got in the way here and there, but I did it! I finished it and was surprised by how much I liked it.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 8.05.34 AM

This image is supplied by the author, Chauncey Rogers.

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I was (very wrongly) expecting a straight forward story, reason being is I thought the story was given away in the synopsis: a girl is going to trick way to marry the prince. Kind of like if you can’t marry for love, who not marry for money..? At least that’s what I thought I was getting. But I was very wrong, and I’m so glad for it. I can almost bet it was done on purpose… There was plot twists I didn’t see coming, character growth, and a well rounded story.

I didn’t like our main character, Laure, at first. She was prickly to say the least. She described the second main character Luc, quite rudely and probably offensively if she was in present time. So it was extra rewarding seeing her change into a decent person, but still couldn’t call her a ‘good’ person. I would have liked to see growth in other characters other than Laure, but that’s okay. They didn’t feel like they were just there to help the story along, but were actually part of the story. I thought for the first half that I was getting a story about a friendship and don’t really love how that change happened. It seemed kind of out nowhere when I was reading Laure’s prospective. Reflecting back, I guess you could see feelings blooming for Laure, but I just thought it was her enjoying the friendship when I was reading.

I really liked the ending. I didn’t expect it and it wrapped up the story well.

Thank you to Chauncey Rogers for sending me this book to read; it was a pleasure to read.

As Always, thanks for reading!


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