Vicious: Book Review

Vicious by V. E. is a adult, fantasy book where the lines of good and evil are blurred (Goodreads). I read this in time for the release of the second book, Vengeful (Goodreads). This is my third book by Victoria Schwab and she’s definitely a new favourite author now.  I need to continue with all three series, but I’ve heard great things about all of her books.


My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Once again, Schwab takes my breath away with her writing. Her words are so elegant and at times, poetic. I loved this idea that there’s no good and evil, but good and bad choices that is beautifully shown through each character. Each one had their own ideology of what makes a person good; especially through Sydney being a child, and of course the best example of innocence and good. In addition, I loved the world of how near death experiences impacts a person. The format was very interesting, which I think helped build tension where we jump between the past and the present as we piece together the story.

I can gush some more about the characters, but I feel like I would be repeating myself, haha. I loved them. Every one was intriguing and an asset to the story. I’m so excited for the next book, can’t wait to know what happens and to get to know the characters more.

Spoiler, but not really: Dominic Rusher’s character touches my heart, if I got an opportunity like he did, I would take it in a heart beat.

Sorry for the shorter review, I’ve been having really bad fibro fog where I have a hard time putting sentences together and having a hard time remember things. My next review will hopefully be better!

As Always, thanks for reading!


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