Beneath The Sugar Sky: Book Review

Beneath The Sugar Sky By Seanan McGuire (Goodreads) is the third book in this series. The second book is not a proper sequel, but actually a prequel so it’s a little confusing, haha. This is a very loved series where I didn’t really love the first book. With each addition to the series, I liked them more and more.


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My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Every book in this series I think is too short. I’m always left wanting more. McGuire’s imagination is so captivating that I just was to be in the world a little longer. I love this concept of different worlds where children go to find where they fit in and the school for those who return. One major aspect that I love is each book is so diverse with different LGBT rep, different body types, and different race rep too. It was a nice contrast. One thing about McGuire is amazing at writing truths, what I mean is that each book provides the opportunity for every reader to relate to a character. This book was so light and fluffy compared to the other two, especially the first book. Because of the fluff, I think, it was a little predictable, but I was so okay with it.

It was inspiring to read about a character like Cora who struggles with her body. That people make assumptions, wrongly judge her, and tease her. Having a character who is self-conscious, but finds herself surrounded by people in a school where they don’t torment her about body and how that’s weird for her is refreshing as a reader. I really liked the exchange between Christopher and Cora where she was worried about his reaction to her running into him and him being confused like it didn’t occur to him to react the way she expected.

As always, thanks for reading!


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