Sky In The Deep by Adrienne Young: Book Review

I just ate this book right up. I have to admit it took 30-50 pages to get into it, but then I ate it right up. This was a complete mood read. I was craving a strong female character, like when I am not, haha and Eelyn fit the bill. Eeyln is a young Viking where tradition, war, and hate for the enemy has been ingrained into her. One day, in the middle of a battlefield she sees her dead brother and the story takes off from there (Goodreads).


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My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This was just such a fun read! It had quite a few tropes, but I appreciated them instead of hating them because they were done so well. For example, the chosen one trope, didn’t mind it at all. Eelyn had to endure a lot to get it. She had so much internal struggle that I felt was so genuine. Eelyn was a total badass in battle; I loved reading the battle scenes from the beginning to the end, but especially when she was protecting Halvard.

A major aspect to the book is religion, faith in the god they are told to worship. I thought it was interesting as an element of otherness between the two clans. I believe it was used well to help Eelyn realized new truths about her lifelong enemies after spending time with them. Also, family was a huge theme to the book that was so lovely. I especially loved Fiske, he was so kind and open to love. I’m excited to see what becomes of Fiske and Eelyn the second book.

I do wish I got more out of other characters. The love interest storyline was all that I needed it to be, but there wasn’t a lot of diversity. I can understand the argument as to why the clans weren’t diverse in race, but why not any LGBT characters? I thought for sure the best friend was queer in some way, but I was wrong. I’m hoping in the second book we uncover more of everyone’s character and more diversity.

As always thanks for reading!


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