The King of Bourbon Street By Thea de Salle: Book Review

Yesterday, I spent the morning finishing this before the sun even came up. (#painsomnia)  I have been really enjoying having my e-reader for when I go for my IV treatments every Thursday. With an IV in my arm it’s hard to hold a book, let a lone flip the page so the e-reader has been so much easier to use.

This right here is a smutty book, and I got no shame in admitting I like reading sex. This is about two very rich people getting together. I’ll admit it’s not very relatable with people who are as rich as Sol or Rain, but they were good together. Rain goes to New Orleans for a little vacation after finishing school and to get away from her mother. Sol, the hotel owner, of course takes notice of her right away, and goes from there [insert eggplant emoji], haha. Goodreads


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I’m usually very picky with with my smutty books. Recently, I’ve only been picking up ones recommended by Chelsea from chelseadolling reads and Julie from Pages and Pens, they have a smutty book club each month. I usually wait until after they finish the book to see if I’ll pick it up too.

My favourite part was that our main lady was curvy and Sol liked it. More often than not, smutty books have skinny females and so it was nice to read  about a girl with a little extra to love like myself, and a partner to loved it.

I find it very hard to review a smutty book because it’s mostly sex with a hint of a plot. Sorry, not sorry. Haha.

Did you see my last review? I reviewed Sky In The Deep! It was such a fun read! Full review here.

As always thanks for reading!


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