Fire Song: By Adam Garnet Jones: Book Review

I have just complete my second book of the Comtemporaryathon! This will probably be my last book, and I think the readathon went pretty well. I wanted to read more, but life has gotten in the way, so what are you gonna do. Haha.

This is about a teenage boy struggling after his sister submitted suicide while trying to decipher his sexuality as an aboriginal youth living on a rez (Goodreads).

My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars


This had some major insight for someone living on a rez in Canada. There was numerous of moments mentioning the relationship between the aboriginal people and the Canadian government. It was fascinating book and beautifully written. It was just lacking something that I’m not quite sure it is. I can say I don’t like when people are mean to each other, especially if they know others are suffering, but they are just relentless.

My heart went out to the main character, Shane the whole book. Grief is such a hard topic and everyone deals with differently. I think that was nicely captured through Shane and Jackie, his mom, and their relationship.

I would definitely recommend this as a LGBT book, as well as an aboriginal (own voices) represented book.

As Always, thanks for reading!


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