Blood Water Paint by Joy McCullough: Book Review

This book really spoke to me. It spoke to me in regards to the Supreme Court in the States  and Dr. Ford, but also my personal experiences. There’s three different types of sexual assault and all were treated the same. The women spoke up and the ones who were law enforcers undermined each female victim to take the side of the male that was accused, at least at first (Goodreads). The story is told in poetry, but memories of stories being told to the main character are in traditional chapter format. Because I don’t read a lot of poetry, it took time for me to get use the format and format changing.


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My Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

I have a hard time rating this because of the serious subject matter, but also because of the format I’m not use to. It feels odd rating a book about sexual assault and rape.

This book focuses on the female experiences, the male gaze, and how society view women through perspectives of painters. The reader, or least I, myself,  saw as a tool to be forced to focus on the voyeurism that as a viewer you may be getting only part of the story. For example, male painters in the book refused to include blood, where Artemisia was not afraid to include it in her painting.

A quote that resonated with me: “She deserves that much-a witness, one who says I see you, hear you, I’m better for knowing your story” `p. 175

In the news and politics, there has been too much of people plugging their ears and screaming “LALALA” and not enough people are listening. The book brings up the point of why report it, what would you as the victim get out of it. I think it’s also about the more people shared their experiences and lets the world know who they are, it helps the world become a better place.

As Always, thanks for reading!


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