Loveyourselfathon: I’M HOSTING A READATHON!!

Good day, fine people of the world! As mentioned in the previous post, I had my own last minute readathon since I was bedridden. I had a lot of fun reading and watching Netflix. So much so that I thought I would host a readathon where anyone can join! Between Nov 30th- Dec 2nd I will hosting twitter (linked below) sprints and treating myself to some relaxation. Make sure to use the hashtag #loveyourselfathon on Twitter and Instagram! I came up with some challenges to come up with a TBR! Something like poetry would be great for a weekend readathon like this! A couple  suggestions are below!



Challenge 1: Read a book with your favourite colour on the cover

Challenge 2: The shortest book you own

Challenge 3: Read from your favourite genre

Of course you could over lap these challenges and probably complete them with just one book. I, of course, couldn’t pick just one, or just three I picked 5!

I picked one poetry, graphic novel, and a few novels. I don’t believe I will get to them all, but a girl can hope!

Here’s my TBR:


As an extra bonus for relaxing I’m planning to get face masks! I hope you join the relaxation and give yourself some well deserved self love!


Where to find me:




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