My Favorite Thing Is Monsters by Emil Ferris: Book Review

I missed a day! I’ve been trying to post at least every Tuesday and have been pretty successful for about a month or so. Also, because I was behind on reviews I even been posting on Thursdays too! This Monday and Tuesday I was so focused on reading The Final Empire and trying to finish it that I completely forgot to post a review! I’ve officially finished it and now to move on to something else!

Anyway, today’s review is for a graphic novel about a girl who saw herself as a werewolf detective and about a suicide, but our werewolf thinks there’s more to the story (Goodreads).


My Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

I went into this thinking it would uplifting and a fun read to break up the high adult fantasies I was reading (The Name of The Wind and The Final Empire). I was very wrong! It was so dark, including a major aspect was a woman’s experience before and during WWII. Also, with what’s going on in my personal life I didn’t want something so intense and I didn’t want something to hit so close to home like what happened to Karen’s mom did. Unfortunately, the timing negatively affected my experience overall.

The story sometimes jumped without warning or explanations of what’s going on. Sometimes, I felt I accidentally skip a page or two only to discover that I didn’t. This choppiness made the story hard to follow at times and took away from the story. But I would say it kind of added to the art. The book was designed like a sketchbook that Karen owns and writes only what’s important to her. It was just so distracting for me.

I did enjoy majority of the story and definitely the art. I will check out the second volume when I get a chance. My favourite was Karen and her friends. I liked how Karen depicted her friends and how her love of monsters changed her view. For example, when she, Franklin, and Sandy went to the art museum. Karen drew Franklin as Frankenstein and drew him into the art pieces. Karen uses her imagination to portray her thoughts and feelings, especially fear. I think the gift of art was something her brother Deeze did right for her. Speaking of art, I loved how there was so much fine art terminology, reminding me of when I was in school. Like every family, Karen’s wasn’t perfect, but they did love each other..

As always, thanks for reading!


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