Odd One Out by Nic Stone: Book Review

I first heard of Nic Stone from her debut book Dear Martin (Goodreads), and I’m so glad I read both of her books. As soon as I got the book I picked up. I was excited to read it because I enjoyed her first book and because I knew it had different sexualities represented. I have been seeking for years now that characters are more than one thing, more than their skin colour, more than their sexuality, more than their disability. Odd One Out (Goodreads) represented POC and some of them having different sexualities. Every person is a complex being where multiple of things make them who we are. As it is nice that POC, disability and sexuality are being represented more in books, there needs to be more complexity.


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My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Even though this is just Stone’s second novel I can see she has grown in her writing in characters and plot. I thought it was interesting how the three characters had their own section of a third of book instead of the traditional book with multiple POVs where you go back and forth between characters. Rae and Jupiter had the most growth and so they were my favourite. It’s not easy discovering new things about yourself, especially when it comes to sexuality. It was a new take on the ‘coming out’ story. As someone who is a big Queen fan I really enjoyed their music being part of the story.

I really loved the theme of friendship in the book. I felt genuine characters caring for each other and trying to help each other was very admirable. Every person made at least one decision I didn’t like, which for me added to authenticity of each character oppose them just being there as plot devices, they felt like real people.

I believe the moral of the story is that you are always learning about yourself in high school or older. It’s okay to believe you’re one thing and discover later you are something else. Labels aren’t mandatory, but a tool to help you and others understand part of who you are.

As always, thanks for reading!


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