Blackkklansman by Ron Stallworth: Book Review

Good hello, friends! Today’s review is for the last book I finished in February! I first saw the movie Blackkklansman last year and then I found out that the detective that the film was based off of wrote a book so of course, I picked it up!

My lame synopsis: Colorado Spring’s first black detective, Ron Stallworth infiltrated the KKK in the area during the 1970s. Through their relationship with the klan they were able to prevent crimes and develop a better understanding of how the group operated (Goodreads).


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My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

What an interesting book. I enjoyed seeing that the film stayed true to a lot of what happened during the investigation. I highly recommend reading and watching the movie yourself both are very good. I loved what Spike Lee did with the film, the style was out of box and refreshing.

After learning about the film Birth of the Nation from 1920s and how the KKK used the film as a recruitment video up until the 1990s, it was very rewarding learning that a black man infiltrated the group and undermined their leadership in the most satisfying way.

It’s very easy to see parallels between the people of hate from the KKK  then and people of hate today as Stallworth examined as well, which I can’t help but agree.

As always, thanks for reading!


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