My Tattoos

Good hello, friends! I thought it would be fun to talk about my tattoos today! If you’re anything like me you might enjoy this. I know I would!

A quick history: when I was in grade 8 I first fell in love with tattoos through a TV show called Miami Ink. Ever since then I have wanted tattoos. When I was 19 I got my first tattoo honouring my two grandmothers, at the time I had already lost one when I was young and the other was sick with cancer. For the 7 years I have gotten to a total of 10 tattoos. I love them all. And I plan on getting more.

The reasons behind each tattoo varies from someone passing away to just ’cause. But my perspective of my tattoos have changed since grade 8 me.

When I was diagnosed in Oct 2017 I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to get tattoos anymore (along with a lot of other things). But I realized just like before fibromyalgia, they hurt for a bit then the pain goes away. But my perspective on having tattoos in general has changed. Now, I see each piece as a choice, as something that I can control, and as a way to reclaim my body from my illness. My tattoos now give me strength. They remind me that even on my bad days I want a real life. I don’t want nor need pity, I can have a for filling life just like any abled bodied person.

My most recent piece really solidified that view, but also marked a new chapter. The beginning of the year was very hard for me with a break up, my dad is sick, and my chronic illness. It felt like it was all too much. That’s what the piece below means to me.


Astrid, my tattoo artist’s Instagram.

As always, thanks for reading!


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