April Wrap Up 2019!!

Good hello, friends! Welcome back to my blog! Today I have my wrap up for April! I have already started to review some of the books so I’ll leave a link for the full review! April was a great reading month for me! I finished three series and finished reading Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books (minus the novella she released last year).

Let’s Just Jump Into It!

The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin

I really loved this book. This is one of the books I have already reviewed! The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin: Book ReviewGoodreads

5 Stars

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

Both, The Fifth Season and The Darkest Minds were also part of my February TBR first. I’m so glad that I got to both of them right away in April. I didn’t love this one like The Fifth Season, but still very good. I also have a full review for The Darkest Minds that I posted yesterday! The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken: Book Review. Goodreads

4 Stars

Forever, Interrupted by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Another TJR book, can you guess what I thought of it?? Haha. I loved it. I thought it didn’t provoke the same amounts of emotions was her other books, but still heartfelt. There were some really beautiful quotes on grief. Goodreads

4.5 Stars

A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab

I have finally done it! I finished the two series by Schwab that I wanted to finish! A Conjuring of Light was so much better than A Gathering of Shadows. I’ll even say that I think book 2 was pointless and not needed. This has a better story, more character growth, more intensity in general, and more action. The action scenes were so well crafted with every detail being important. The ending for Rhy, Alucard, Kell and Lila was so satisfying. Goodreads

3.5 Stars

The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson

Oh, this was so good! The story! The ending! I took longer than I wanted to finish, but I also didn’t want the series to end! Now, I can at least pick up the next series in the same world! The Hero of Ages had such great commentary on religion, history, good vs. evil, humanity, and self doubt. Goodreads

5 Stars

Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab

You may hate me for saying this, but I’m glad to be done with Schwab’s books now (if you want to know why click Why I DNF’ed Vengeful By V. E. Schwab). This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet are my favourite books by her by far. I loved how the series wrapped up in the end, heartbreaking but satisfying at the same time. The characters and concept were definitely my favourite aspects to the series. Goodreads

4 Stars

Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Can you believe I’ve read through all of TJR’s books? I’m sad to not have anything new to read by her, but I’m excited to go back and reread my favourites. Of course, Reid made me cry during this one too. I’m so glad I listened to the audiobook as I read along with a physical book, really added to the experience. I’m very torn about the format of the book with it told in interviews. I enjoyed seeing how people remembered events differently, but sometimes it created distance between me and the characters. Sometimes the hard hitting, intense moments didn’t hit home as well as other moments. Goodreads

5 Stars

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Oddly enough, I think Macbeth was a harder story to follow than Midsummer Night’s Dream, although that one had more magical elements to it. What really stood out was that violence against the main cast is off stage, the consequences for their actions, and the turn in mental health through the short play. Goodreads

3.5 Stars

Open Earth by Sarah Milk

What a cute, but very short graphic novel on polyamory. Goodreads

3.5 Stars

As always, thanks for reading!


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