Pain Management

Good hello, friends! Gentle hugs for everyone going through a rough time. Over the course of my time of bookstagram I have come across other people who have chronic illnesses, and it’s so nice to connect with someone who can understand what I’m going through better than others who aren’t going through something similar.

When I was diagnosed back in 2017 I was so lost. I had never heard of fibromyalgia before or how to treat it. I soon realized that there’s no easy way to treat fibromyalgia because it’s so different person to person, but it also changes over time. I read article after article and still felt like I had no direction. I thought it would good to share what I’m using specifically with pain management to help even one person, someone who was like me.

Heating Pads

Electric heating pads saved me in a lot of ways. Heat was one of the most helpful way to get relief before I started medication or injections. I highly recommend ones with a long chord and one you can turn off the auto shut off.

Mobility Aids

Something I had to learn was energy conservation (use little energy to last throughout the day) and with the use of mobility aids I can do that better. I get more pain from walking, but also tires me out quickly. So having my cane to help support my weight and take off some of the pressure in painful areas is a blessing. I also use a scooter, for example, to go to a mall or go around the block. I’m trying very hard to get my life back. I use to love walks and going shopping but I can’t do those things like I use to.

Pain Relief Creams/Sticks

I have tried so many way to get even a little bit relief from my pain and when you’re out of house you can’t just lay down anywhere with a heating pad for an hour.


I first discovered Medistik through my physiotherapist last year. This stuff is great, it’s very strong and gets hot n’ cold. Ease and Chanv are CBD infused creams.  Ease is like a balm that doesn’t smell too much. Chanv is stronger but smells stronger too. Those both I found just on Amazon.


Okay, this one many won’t like and believe me I didn’t warm up to the idea easily either, but I can tell you it’s worth the try. I get trigger point injections that’s more surface area shots to relieve pain. Then nerve blocks that go deeper to pin point the nerves (like the name suggests, haha). Of course, I’m no doctor, but if your doctor suggests them, I say they are worth to try. I won’t lie they suck, but the relief out weighs the suck of getting them.

Now, what works for me may not work for you, but I hope by reading this someone will go out and try something to make things a little easier.

As always, thanks for reading!


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3 thoughts on “Pain Management

  1. Always love posts on chronic illness! I have a couple chronical illnesses, which at some points affected my ability to move around because of arthritis type pain, but it was never like a constant or that bad. Until the summer where I was in another city, at some points out of the country, away from all my doctors, just gotten out of the hospital for other medical things. Suddenly the arthritis just flared up extremely and I could barely walk around the house, leaving me surprisingly helpless with no preparation or access to a wheelchair. I’m not going to make that mistake again, even if the arthritis is much better now!

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    1. That sucks that happened. I’m glad you’re feeling better! I get brain fog which sometimes make me forget things I need to be comfortable or at least to have just in case. But outside of that I always have stuff on me because that’s happened where I thought I would be okay and didn’t have anything then paid for it. I’m hoping to do a chronic illness post once a week!

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