Why I Post About My Chronic Illness

Good hello, friends! Welcome to another post! Today, I thought I would cover as to why I share about some things so personal like my diagnosis, for example. When I was diagnosed I had never heard of fibromyalgia before. After doing some research I learned it’s a chronic illness that usually affects older women than myself. Here‘s a link that explains my chronic illness in depth.

Since my journey began I have come across a lot of stigma as a young person, especially with a chronic illness. It’s been a struggle to find people willing to help and treatments that help me. So I write to create awareness of a condition that isn’t widely known about, some even believe it’s not real. If I could take some of the stigma away I would be happy. I hope to help others who also going through this journey of chronic pain with treatment options and to ease a little of that fear, the same fear I have. I wish to educate at least one person on fibromyalgia and what’s it’s like.

I’m not seeking out attention or pity. I’m not out here singing It’s a Hard Not Life. It does help me cope too with what I’m going through by writing. I, of course, don’t share everything about my personal life on here. But I am pretty much an open book and will answer questions as honestly as I can.

As always, thanks for reading! And come back tomorrow for a happier topic like books!


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