Reading Update!! May 13th-May 19th

Good hello, friends! I thought it would be fun to do a reading update since I have recent been reading a lot, especially this week!

At the start of the week, I finally finished King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo (Goodreads)! I ended up giving King of Scars a rating of 3.75 stars. There were some moments that could have been better. But it was really nice being in the world again with some familiar characters.

From there, I listened to Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare (Goodreads). This specific audiobook had David Tennant playing one of the voice actors, which was very cool! I first rate this a 3.5 stars, but after some time has past and I have now finished another play since, I’m changing it to 2.5 stars. It was not as good as the other plays I’ve read so far!

I was all about audiobooks this week because next, I finished Scientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins (Goodreads). The reason why I picked this up is I started doing online courses to teach myself some new skills and I was asked to read this because it will relate to the later parts of the course. It was just a 2.5 stars, it was pretty repetitive for such a short audiobook.

That just leaves today! On my lunch break, I finished Romeo & Juliet (Goodreads). This play was much better than Twelfth Night in both regards of story and characters. I rated this 4.5 stars and would even say it’s one of my favourites, along with Macbeth. Next up will be Othello and I have a feeling I’ll enjoy that one too!

I’m currently reading Code Name Verity and hope to finish it tonight! I have just over a 100 pages to the end. So far I’m enjoying it, but I feel like the ending is going to be good! *cross fingers*

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As always, thanks for reading!


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