Macbeth by William Shakespeare: Book Review

Good hello, friends! It’s hard to believe that feel like I’m just breezing through Shakespeare’s plays. I’m really glad for Audible and being able to listen to each one with a full cast.

My Lame Synopsis: Three witches give prophecies to Macbeth, which lead to murder. Then, who will be king (Goodreads)?


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My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I find it odd that Macbeth is the play I have struggled with the most since the first couple of plays I started with. I had to go back and listen to different part over again for them to make sense to me. I even went as far as watch a summary video on YouTube to help me follow along with the play. It was worth the effort to really appreciate Macbeth.

I definitely enjoy Shakespeare’s darker plays. I’m always so fascinated by the fall of his characters, how who was ruling Britain at the time influences his plays, and the themes they have. My favourite themes in Macbeth are mental health and how the Macbeths change throughout the play, pretty much becoming unhinged. Another theme of nature and how the horses in the stables were restless like they supernaturally sensed the murder.

Something that I thought was interesting for this specific play is most of the violence is done off stage or out of the view of the audience. While the other darker plays of his I have read are quite gory.

As always, thanks for reading!


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