Fibro Friday on Saturday: Standing up for yourself!

Good hello, friends! My apologies for not posting yesterday! I had a minor injury and I spent the day taking care of it so it doesn’t become a bigger problem down the road. I’m totally good now and ready to post!

Today, I want to talk about how fibro helped me stand up for myself. Just the reality of my life, I often get passed up, ignored, interrupted, or even left mid sentence. This happens by anyone, family, friends, and coworkers. I know this isn’t by any means an unique experiences and I do believe it’s partly due to the fact that it has become the norm to be rude. I mean glancing at our phone, being distracted by what’s around us, etc. And don’t get me wrong, I have been known to do that too, however, I’m trying to work on it. I even have taken an active listening course recently to help.

I have always been shy, passive, easily walked all over. I don’t want to be like that anymore. I deserve respect just like anybody else. This week a friend of mine was very rude during a conversation and it made me feel small and insignificant. I felt like they took my voice away when what I have to say has value. I was, of course, very upset. For once, I stood up for myself.

After the conversation, I thought about it, how they acted, how I felt and how I couldn’t stand by and let it happen. I spoke up (maybe it could have been handled better, but I did my best) and I may have lost a friend, but I won’t be walked on. I won’t feel small. Thanks to fibro I have gotten to this place where I have to fight to have a life. I fight through pain and limitations to be happy; I f*cking deserve to be happy and I won’t let someone who doesn’t respect me ruin my happiness. I hope you know that you deserve to be respected and to be happy too.

Maybe next week I’ll do a list of things that thanks to fibro has bettered my life.

When was the last time you stood up for yourself?

As always, thanks for reading!


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