Fibro Friday: 06/14/2019

Good hello, friends! This morning a read this thread on Twitter about a disabled girl who was refused a straw at a restaurant and was driven to tears. Read the events here: Twitter Story.

Something I’ve been thinking about since being diagnosed, especially now after reading that story is ableism and if I’m ‘disabled enough’. I feel have to prove my disability to able bodied people everyday. Why, you may ask. The answer is simple: people are entitled. People take it upon themselves to throw judgement because ‘I don’t look sick’. I know I have brought some similar points up before, but what I haven’t is this: you don’t know what people are going through. It’s more often than not your place to say something. Why not, instead ask them to help you understand, they, of course, have the right to refuse, but if someone asks me I usually try to take the time to answer.

When I park in the disabled parking spots I feel like I have to hold my cane up for everyone to see to say, ‘see? I deserve to park here’. I’m also allowed to enjoy life; I’m not going to look like I’m struggling all the time and that’s okay. I deserve, just like all disabled people deserve happiness.

Why should the girl at the restaurant or I have to justify to strangers our needs? These things are not luxuries for us, they’re necessities (she does explain why she can’t use other straws options too).

As always, thanks for reading!


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