Fibro Friday: Intersectionality 06/21/19

Good hello, friends! Happy Friday! Another week in the bag! Something I know I have mentioned before, but I truly believe this topic needs its own post. Intersectionality. We need more representation in books, not just one queer character and another one of colour. We need intersectionality.

I just started reading Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann today on my lunch break and this is exactly what I mean. I’m only 10 pages into Let’s Talk About Love, but I’m already excited to get to know Alice more. She is a person of colour, asexual, and bisexual. This is what I mean. We as human beings are complex, and if we can’t fit into just one box, then why are characters in books are so one-dimensional? The more author’s adds to characters, not only would be more realistic, but more relatable too. Like, who doesn’t have anxiety? Why not include a character that is deaf in one ear? With enough research I believe authors can really push themselves to be more inclusive than they are currently.

I’m excited to watch the book industry grow and change with the times. I hope to see more of intersectionality in the very near future.

As always, thanks for reading!


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