Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare: Book Review

Good hello, friends! Happy Tuesday! I just love reviewing books, especially when I enjoyed the book, or in this case play, a lot! What’s your summer plans?? So far, all I have thought of doing is taking part in The Reading Rush (previously BookTubeAthon).

My Lame Synopsis: I don’t know anyone who doesn’t know what Romeo & Juliet is about. But just case, two families are rivals and two young love birds fall in love from opposing sides. There’s some death too. Goodreads


Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 10.10.11 AM

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

I’m so glad I read this after Twelfth Night, I loved this so much more in comparison. Overall, it was better. The characters, their speeches, and the story was way better in Romeo & Juliet. I guess you can say, I’m a sucker for a love story because I just loved the powerful monologues that a couple of characters had, especially the female characters. They really shined in Romeo & Juliet. For example, Juliet and Juliet’s maid, they had strong personalities and even seemed more powerful in speech than the some of the men. They had good heads on their shoulders.

I have to say my biggest complaint is the length of the play, really the plays in general I wish they were a little longer so I could have stronger connections with the characters. Sometimes loud and angry are the only characteristics that some roles have. But hey, they’re meant to be watched not read and they’re from centuries ago so what do I know. haha.

As always, thanks for reading!


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