Pariah’s Lament by Richie Billing: ARC Book Review

Good hello, lovelies! Happy Monday! I did so much reading this weekend and managed to finish 2 of the four books I’ve been reading. I’m hoping to finish the other two today!

Pariah’s Lament was one of them that I finished so today’s review gets to be the ARC review! Speaking of which, thank you so very much to Richie Billing and Of Metal and Magic Publishing for sending me an early copy of Pariah’s Lament for honest review. I have actually reviewed and working Richie Billing before, click here to read! Pariah’s Lament is going to be released March 17th, 2021, mark your calendars!

My Lame Synopsis: An epic fantasy of warring countries.  Goodreads

A good synopsis: Pariah’s Lament is an epic underdog’s tale. It follows the stories of Edvar and Isyara, two characters from opposite ends of the social spectrum, yet they share one thing in common—they’re outsiders, utterly disregarded by those around them. Together they face the most testing period in their lives, and little do they know that the outcome will determine the fate of the nation. Visit Richie Billing’s website!

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This here, is a near perfect book. There’s intense fighting scenes, a little romance and flawed characters, near perfect, I say! Richie Billing is a fantastic writer. The book has an easy flow to it even switching between characters and different storylines, it’s done artfully. Billing was able to create cliffhangers within the book by the different storylines. My favourite example of this is with Jem and his storyline. Other than Brandon Sanderson, Billing has written my favourite battle scenes where they’re epic, grand, but not confusing, leaving me lost. I had so much fun reading Pariah’s Lament.

I really loved the characters, especially Edvar, he had a big heart, which melted mine. I’m more of the type of person to help others and always wanting to help others so both Isy and Edvar were very relatable in that regard. Isy, I think, is the most relatable character out there. As unfortunate as it is for people to get bullied, it happens and the victims of bullying will love Isy. I don’t know how I feel about how Billing handled Isy’s birthmark. It was handled okay, but it could have still been better. I  did love how she grew to find acceptance and strength, especially with the Darts of Pleasure.

The only thing I wish that would have made the book overall better is if the history between Tesh and Ashara was mentioned earlier. I spent too much time during the first part of the book wondering who Tesh was other than another Keeper and why I had to care, why him and his people were attacking Ashara’s land and people. On the other hand, the Amast were so well done it almost made up for anything lacking. They were interesting creatures that were truly amazing to read about them from Isy’s perspective. I also that other than using Soria as a swear word, I wish the world was expanded a bit more so it would round out more. Overall, again I had a lot of fun reading it!

A few quotes I really loved, “Something I’ve learned these past few weeks is that fear can control your life, paralyze you… To beat it, you must fight back. Take the first step beyond the threshold with courage in heart and curiosity in your mind. We’ve both done things we’d never thought we’d do. Who’ll ever believe our stories?” p.193

“Too never feel true satisfaction is a flaw of man.” p.263

“…I can do things the world tells me I cannot, things that even my own mind tells me I’m unable or too weak to do.” p.326

As always, thanks for reading!


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